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Weekly Wings: Cosmos-SDK v0.47.1 Upgrade, Paloma-Testnet-15 Upgrade and Curve on PalomaSwap

Your three new Paloma hatchlings this week?

It’s April 2023 and we’re at the start of Q2. The Volume team continues to release new features and applications on the Paloma protocol that focus on scheduled cross-chain messaging.

REMINDER WARNING: The Hatchling Paloma Network of “Messenger” is still young and unaudited. It’s meant to be a mainnet that is active and still allows for continued development of Paloma’s cross-chain messaging system. We expect “Messenger” to be under active development and subject to possible chain halts and chain restarts as well as undiscovered exploits. The community will attempt to preserve state, but considers this mainnet a high risk of loss of assets for users. Proceed with caution.

1. Paloma upgrades to Cosmos-SDK v0.47.1 codenamed Twilight

Account sequence mismatch errors arise in Paloma because pigeon public keys sign and broadcast multiple attestation and chain-information update transactions. These transactions in Paloma v0.11.7 currently execute simultaneously within each block. The Volume team explored the possibility of using different public keys on pigeon for various attestation transactions. However, the opportunity to upgrading to custom mempool’s in Comos-SDK v0.47.1 opened up the opportunity to bypass fragmenting pigeon keys as an interim solution.

We launched the first two PRs to upgrade Paloma to Cosmos-SDK v0.47.1 and onboarded the team at Vitwit to support QA on failing tests. Over 118 files changed last week and we are now down to two failing tests related to the cometBFT upgrade and the generation of test keys. We expect that once we have test key generation functioning again, we may see additional new test failures based on the migration from Tendermint to CometBFT. We’re excited to continue the progress towards public testnet of v0.47.1 for Paloma.

A new feature Paloma seeks to leverage will be Custom Mempools. Paloma aims to explore custom mempools in the ABCI v1.0 that will allow Paloma to prioritize mempools based on target chain demand. The more demand for a target chain relay performance, the more mempool resources the target chain will receive. We will continue to share updates as we explore this feature, but you may learn more about ABCI and Twilight upgrades here:

Stay up to date and follow the Paloma public repositories and the commits of ongoing upgrades to Paloma Cosmos-SDK blockchain here:

2. Paloma-Testnet-15 Upgrade to Cosmos-SDK v0.45.13 and Upgraded Pigeon!

Paloma-Testnet-15 successfully upgraded with the Community validator set, last week. Paloma Testnet-15 was successfully started on Cosmos-SDK v0.45.13. Now that we upgraded Paloma Chain github master, we continue to prepare for the next upgrade to Cosmos-SDK v.47.1 and expect that the upgrade path for Paloma validators will be easier now that master is migrating to v0.47.1. Special thanks to the Paloma community validators that keep the Paloma testnest still functioning as we continue to build the best use-case for Paloma, decentralized key-management with the Cosmos validator set.

3. PalomaSwap launches Curve Stable swaps for cheap GRAIN airdrops.

PalomaSwap launches a new front-end to trade on Curve’s decentralized exchange contracts. PalomaSwap now rewards traders with GRAINs for any Curve trades on Ethereum or Arbitrum. Anyone can trade on Curve at So far over $70,000 in Stable swaps were completed on Curve’s Palomaswap front-end. COO! COO!

Pigeon of the Week: The White Crowned Pigeon

Don't let the common “city pigeon” put you off pigeons; this one—the White-crowned Pigeon—is a fascinating bird. It's about the size of the common urban pigeon, but there the similarities end. The White-crowned Pigeon's most distinctive feature is its white-topped head, which is bright white in males and grayish white in females and juveniles.
You could call them “fruit commuters.” The species primarily eats berries, figs, and other fruits, routinely flying from mangroves on their nesting islands to hardwood forests on the adjacent mainland, where they seek out fruiting tree



Paloma takes an aggressive approach to upgrade the protocol from Cosmos v0.45.13 to v0.47.1 in an attempt to leapfrog pigeon key fragmentation for increased attestation and cross-chain updates. The Volume team believes that there will be more features in the new Cosmos-SDK that are perfect for Paloma, including ABCI v1.0 which will allow Paloma to create custom mempools for each target chain handling cross-chain messages.

Congratulations to the Paloma-Tesnet-15 validator community. You’ve kept the nest warm for the latest upgrade to Cosmos-SDK v0.45.13. We look forward to bringing the next upgrade of master to Cosmos-SDK v0.47.1 and another round of testing before we migrate to mainnet.

PalomaSwap wins over $70,000 in Curve swaps in just 1 week. Congratulations to the winning pigeons collecting GRAINs on Paloma mainnet. Curve Ethereum and Curve Arbitrum are available for stablecoin swaps. To get mainnet Paloma GRAINs, just swap, claim, and stake.

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