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Paloma Weekly Wings: June 11, 2024 Multichain Gravity, Governance for EVM Gas Limit and Tx-Opt Types, Cosmos SDK 0.50.6

Your new Paloma hatchlings this week?

Welcome to the weekly update on new software design from the Paloma community of developers.

REMINDER WARNING: The New Hatchling Paloma Network of tumbler (v1.14.0) and the Pigeon relay module are on v1.11.3 Paloma is just over one year old and its Cosmwasm and EVM contracts are still unaudited and undergoing continuous upgrades on the protocol and its smart contracts. The GRAIN token is available on the Paloma mainnet but is not yet trading on any exchanges. Although the flock is flying on the tumbler mainnet, it is still subject to the continued development of Paloma’s cross-chain messaging system and the security guarantees offered by the GRAIN token. We expect tumbler to experience weekly chain halts and chain restarts for upgrades. We also expect numerous undiscovered vulnerabilities. No one on this project controls or influences the price of GRAINs. The community will strive to preserve the mainnet state, which includes balances, but considers this mainnet high-risk. Proceed with caution.

1. Multichain Gravity Refactor To Support n Chains

Getting Gravity Ready for Paloma’s Multiple Target Chains

Ongoing testing of Paloma’s Gravity bridge uncovered that we are missing a required nonce for Gravity.

The original gravity code design assumes a 1:1 relation between the local chain and the remote chain. Paloma, however, supports tokens across n chains, leaving us with a 1:n relationship.

This causes headaches across the following areas:

  • Paloma only keeps track of the latest observed nonce and latest observed block height for one chain, instead of n

  • Paloma also keeps all attestations in one store, instead of one store per remote chain

  • Attestation assumes that the observed nonces will always increase exactly by 1, which they won't if they're shared between different chains

This is the price we pay for not having written the module ourselves and just copied it over. To support our use case, I think we'd need one keeper per remote chain, but I don't think that's feasible with the Cosmos architecture. So instead, we need to hack what we have to support the n chain constraint. This change adds Gravity support for more than one remote chain by contextualising stored data on Paloma with a chain reference ID. It also adds the needed changes to the genesis as well as CLI commands.

2. New Governance for target EVM Gas Limit and Tx-Opts. Upgrade xchain reference blocks for Validator happiness

The EVM Gas Limit needs an update from 1.2 to 1.5 We will update this in pigeon, but plan to add this to governance for future upgrades. Tx-Opt for most evm chains. We want to put more pigeon required changes into governance so that the Volume team no longer needs to make code changes and the community of token holders can vote on target chain performance features.

At startup, pigeon validates that it's talking to the right chain by using the reference block height and hash. These values are introduced when first integrating a chain. However, as time passes, some RPC providers will prune block information, which makes it impossible for pigeon to verify the blocks. To solve this, we introduce a new periodic task that at each 10,000 blocks, sends a message requesting pigeons to update the reference block information (height and hash) for each supported chain.

We add a new queue - evm/<CHAIN>/reference-block - and follow the same flow from Validator Balances.

3. Upgrade Paloma to Cosmos SDK 0.50.6

Paloma upgrades to Cosmos SDK 0.50.6 which allows Paloma to unwind the fixed dependencies and upgrade to a new version of iavl to the latest stable version. With new mainnet state available for testing upgrades, we look forward to a stable upgrade and more Gravity bridge transactions and testing.

Stay up to date and follow the Paloma public repositories and the commits of ongoing upgrades to the Paloma Cosmos-SDK blockchain and the Pigeon relay module here:

Pigeon of the Week: The Norwich Cropper Pigeon

The Norwich Cropper, a breed of domestic fancy pigeon, is a fascinating and visually stunning avian species, mostly well-known for its distinctive characteristics. This amazing avian beauty is the result of many years of selective breeding, especially bred for showcase and ornamental purposes. However, you can pet them as well because of their tame nature. Source:


With our upgrade to Cosmos 0.50.6, we exit the iavl dependency issues that led to the chain halt of April. We also deliver multichain Gravity Bridge that will manage all Paloma tokens on multiple chains. This Gravity implementation gives us the opportunity to test GRAIN token deployment on multiple chains. It also allows us to continue work o upgrading Paloma’s Pigeon Feed functionality for validator relay payments on multiple chains. We look forward to a new release and upgrade proposal to implement these new features, this week. COO! COO

We continue to fly with the flock! COO! COO!

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