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Weekly Wings: New Paloma, New Pigeon, New PalomaSwap on Hatchling

Three New Paloma hatchlings this week?

Welcome to our Weekly Wings Paloma update on the progress of Paloma for cross-chain messaging from the Cosmos and Paloma’s mainnet. We will continue to add more to this weekly update as new teams from around the world continue to add new functionality and features to Paloma’s blockchain and its Pigeon message relay system.

REMINDER WARNING: The Hatchling Paloma Network of “Messenger” is still young. It’s meant to be a mainnet that is active and still allows for continued development of Paloma’s cross-chain messaging system. We expect “Messenger” to be under active development and subject to possible chain halts and chain restarts. The community will attempt to preserve state, but considers this mainnet a high risk of loss of assets for users.

1. Paloma targeting updates for the release of Paloma v1.0 and Pigeon v1.0

Paloma upgrades last week were blocked by continuing work on Paloma’s automated private testnet. Our goal in setting up an automated private testnet is to achieve automated integration testing during the development release cycle. The Volume team spent two weeks implementing a new Ansible playbook with vagrant. This private testnet allows any developer to bring up a fully functioning paloma network to test cross-chain relay features. Given that we want to release more relay features quickly into mainnet, the Paloma private testnet needs faster automation to verify acceptable relay functionality. The private testnet may be a new repo that Volume will release publicly for more devs to test their relay upgrades and new features for Paloma.

Come check out our ongoing upgrades to Paloma Cosmos-SDK blockchain here:

2. Pigeon upgrades its Relayer for BNB Chain Performance

Pigeon relay upgrades are a focus of the Volume team this week with new team members. Pigeon relay performance on BNB chain highlighted a number of issues with Pigeon's initial design that worked successfully on Ethereum but was not performant on high transaction volume chains, such as BNB Chain. Specifically, queries of BNB logs for valset updates required ingest of a large number of transactions from BNB RPC endpoint. Thus, Volume focused on upgrading the Compass-EVM smart contract to emit the valset_IDs as events. This would allow Pigeons to query the smart contract directly for the last valset_ID. A simple change with a big impact on query performance and security for Pigeon relays. Last week, while testing, Pigeon’s Go-Ethereum implementation indicated a need to upgrade Go-Ethereum library. Thus, this week will continue more dependency upgrades for pigeon relay performance. The Volume team aims to complete testing and launch the new Paloma chain on the public testnet.

Come check out our ongoing upgrades to pigeon here:

3. PalomaSwap Breaks Records with Bloxroute for Private Transactions

Implementation of cross-chain functionality with Paloma will be first deployed to Last week was the second week of the launch of the basic front-end to many of the popular decentralized exchanges on Binance, Polygon, and Ethereum. Volume on PalomaSwap has already reached over $111,000.00 in the first two weeks. The objective of PalomaSwap is to use swaps as a way to reward uses with GRAINs and to continue to showcase Paloma’s value proposition for delivering effective cross-chain liquidity execution for any developer. Last week, PalomaSwap implemented Bloxroute private RPC endpoints on BNB chain and Ethereum. Thus, traders may enter into low liquidity pools on BNB chain and ETH without the risk of suffering front-run attacks from the mempool. Also, the first Volume trading bot examples are now available to the community at Our goal is to feature the benefits of letting Paloma execute trade parameters on any decentralized exchange, and at scale. Suggestions on alternative remote execution orders are welcomed by the community in the github repo. Just open up an issue. We look forward to sharing further progress on our implementations of these strategies via Paloma. However, anyone may be able to try them out using our Paloma Python SDK here:

Pigeon of the Week: The Wood Pigeon

Often seen and heard, the wood pigeon is a familiar bird in gardens and the countryside. Its name is sometimes written as woodpigeon (BTO, RSPB, BBC, etc) and otherwise wood pigeon (International Ornithological Committee, Wikipedia, Collins' Bird Guide, BBC, etc). It doesn't appear to be the brightest of birds and is very wary.



Paloma v1.0 and Pigeon v1.0 are still under private testnet development with BNB chain highlighting the challenges for effective cross-chain message relay and execution with high volume chains. BNB is the best chain to test successful message relay at scale. Look out for updates this week on successful upgrades to go-ethereum client on Paloma and Pigeon and the next steps towards new releases for Paloma and Pigeon

Congratulations to Palomaswap: Over $111,000 in volumes over the past three weeks in the bear market is a massive milestone for Paloma. The community continues to collect Paloma GRAINs on trading with their favorite decentralized exchange. The Volume team continues to release new, decentralized exchange front-ends, and privacy functionality. Palomaswap aims to be the flagship tool to demonstrate Paloma’s scheduled messaging and relay functionality.

Paloma GRAINs will be used to pay for message relays across multiple chains at scale. We encourage everyone to explore Paloma by enjoying fast, private swaps on Chains supported include Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon. We expect to launch many new chains and DEXes as we continue to provide the broadest possible coverage that will take advantage of Paloma’s features. Look out for updates on testnet releases next week as well as upcoming upgrades.

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